MIMS Workshop on "Modeling and Numerical Analysis of Nonlinear Phenomena: Fluid Dynamics, Motion of Interfaces, and Cell Biology"

  • Date: December 6-8, 2017

  • Venue: Room 603, Nakano Campus, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan

  • MIMS Transp., Google Map

  • Purpose:

    We aim at bringing together researchers from all over the world belonging to various fields related to the broad theme of the workshop, and through their presentations stimulate fruitful discussions and birth of new ideas.

  • Sponsor:

    Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences (MIMS), Meiji University Link (in J)

  • Speakers (as of June 14):

  • Julien Dambrine (University of Poiters, France)
    Yana Di (Chinese Academy of Science, China)
    Eliot Fried (OIST, Japan)
    Giulio G. Giusteri (OIST, Japan)
    Shuji Ishihara (Meiji University, Japan)
    Hirofumi Izuhara (Miyazaki University, Japan)
    Yangjin Kim (Konkuk University, Korea)
    Catherine Kublik (University of Dayton, USA)
    Seirin Lee (Hiroshima University, Japan)
    Maria Lukacova-Medvidova (University of Mainz, Germany)
    Cassio M. Oishi (Sao Paulo State University, Brazil)
    Makoto Sato (Kanazawa University, Japan)
    Markus Schmidtchen (Imperial College London, UK)
    Amy Q. Shen (OIST, Japan)
    Motomu Tanaka (Heidelberg University, Germany & Kyoto University, Japan)
    Hideru Togashi (Kobe University, Japan)
    Xianmin Xu (Chinese Academy of Science, China)
    Natsuhiko Yoshinaga (Tohoku University, Japan)

  • Program

  • Wednesday, December 6


    Thursday, December 7


    Friday, December 8


  • Organizers

  • Hirofumi Notsu (Kanazawa University, Chair)
    Karel Svadlenka (Kyoto University)
    Hideki Murakawa (Kyushu University)
    Masayasu Mimura (Musashino University, MIMS member)